A downloadable game for Windows

Note: this game is VR only.

The idea of DestroyEverythingVR is to go around multiple different apartments and destroying whatever you find with different weapons and objects. Everything in the game is destructible.
You have different weapons to your arsenal like a pistol, grenade launcher, grenades, etc. The game contains 4 different levels with dozens of different things to destroy and help with destroying.

DestroyEverythingVR was a school project made by 4 people at Stadin Ammattiopisto.


Alex Savander - Project lead, Programmer, 3D, 2D
Niko Kurttila - Programming
Luce - Sound design
Eeva Torkkola - 3D & 2D

Install instructions

Extract the .ZIP and run the .EXE

DOES NOT WORK ON THE ORIGINAL OCULUS RIFT. If I get enough requests, I will consider creating the game for all headsets. For now it's too much work for a couple downloads a day.

The game is tested to work on all the Vive headsets and the Rift S. Index & WMR have not been tested. Feedback is welcome.


DestroyEverythingVR Build.zip 83 MB


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Yeah it works fine with Rift S


Really? Teleporting, controls and everything?

That's really good news : )