DISCLAIMER: This game is not finished and is a prototype. Expect non-optimal performance. A remake of Bunnycide is being worked on and will be released when ready.

Controls: WASD and mouse to look around and shoot with the left mouse button.

Game made as a Plysinki 2019 school project in 3-4 weeks by students from Stadin Ammattiopisto and City College Plymouth.

Bunnycide is an action game where you drive a tank with your only goal being to slaughter infinitely respawning bunnies. You can also destroy their buildings if you so please.

The game has 2 different levels to play in, one close quarters and the other with a larger area. Both have an option to choose day or night, with infinitely respawning hordes of bunnies. There are multiple bunny types and a boss bunny that attack you with different kinds of weapons and abilities. 

The environment is completely destructible with bunny-themed buildings like carrot houses and carrot walls.

The player drives a tank, which can be upgraded to increase firing speed and max health. There are also power-ups that spawn randomly in the level that give temporary abilities like nuke bullets, fast speed, invulnerability & faster firing speed.

Overall this game is gorey, fast-paced, over the top and a lot of fun.


Alex Savander - Main Coder, extra 3D

Eeva Torkkola (Demintai) - Coding, AI, 2D

Jouni Heikkinen - 3D, Animation

Benjamin Berts - Music, UI-art & 2D

Jake Martin - Level Design, UI

Nuutti Mettälä - SFX & Music

Benjamin Blomstedt - SFX & Music


Bunnycide WIN 58 MB
Bunnycide MAC 58 MB

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